Dear Shah Rukh Khan

Hi, mera nam Dinna F. Norris. People call me Nana, usually. I came from Indonesia. But I always thought of India as a second home even though I’ve never been there. Just watching from television, and thanks to google help. And then i so admire at different spices, all kinds of saree, variety of colors, the uniqueness of the language, and the great songs.
 Oh yeah, I do like K-Pop, Rock, Pop, Dangdut, and others. They were able to make me sang along and shake the legs. But there is only one kind of song that can be pulled me up, sing, and dance. Wherever, whenever, and however. Yeah, india song, the rhythm of drums, percussion, piano, bass, flute, guitar, tabla. I really-really enjoyed ’em.
You’re the one who first introduced me to India and all that is on it. You made me admire the dancing and singing. You made me how like the romance story of the movies that you played. Honestly, I’ve known you a long time when it was accidentally watched Karan Arjun. I love your acting and the way you smile. But i love you more since you’re -play in Kuch kuch hota hai. If not mistaken I watched it in 2000 with the whole family. I was lost in the movie until I cried accidentally. I’ve ever promised myself not to watch it. Yeah, I broke my promise. The next day I was quietly turned on dvd, watch your acting again.
You’re so great, handsome and cool! I never absent to follow the news about you, watching every movie that you played, then imagine we -you and I- sat on the couch in a park. Then you took my hand, we walked slowly, steadily, and continues. At that moment I hope time stops.Maybe I was just born to be your fans. I always keep some your picture in my wallet. No matter though often ends embarrassing. One day, my collage friends wanted to borrowed my money. I told her, just take it in my wallet. Suddenly she screamed and yelled that i will be a single lady for  a lifetime if i kept your picture . He laughed very hard. If i did not covered her mouth, perhaps her laughter could knock my collage.

 Instantly I became popular lady on campus. My name is adorned a wall bulletin. They thought, save the picture of favorit artist in wallet is a shame. Who cares what? While I do not haram, why should be afraid? If i remember the incident, I wanted to buried my head in the pillow. I wondered why I could admire you, more and more.I hear, you will come to Jakarta, Indonesia. I really wanna meet. Just say hello, shake hands, and get the picture together. But it seems impossible. I do not have much money to buy a plane ticket, moreover buy a ticket to watch. Again, I can only see you from the television, and envy to those who have the chance. Then, cry…

Ahh, if there is something in this world that can make me jump excitedly and cried at the same time, it was you.

Always love you,
Dinna F. Norris Khan

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