Everything is broken

A heart
A soul
A dream

When the balance between us ceases to exist
When the left brain wants to rule the right brain
When the mind wants to rule the heart
Everything is scattered

When there is a want to control
Instead of a need to grab hold
Of the power between the two
And allow the beauty of intuitive assertiveness
To find peace within two beings so different

But so alike
Impatience rushes through tired veins
Filled with blood that long to be tainted
By the abstract mental of a mate
Who isnt as hard as the walls of a concrete jungle
A thought somewhere welcomes

The softness of nurturing patience
Meant to make the busy logical intricacies
Seem like a piece of cake
Eaten with smooth cold whipped cream
A moment spent in your skin
So you can remember that in striving for perfection

It is alright to falter and be among the receiving end of love
Because sometimes that is what you need
To allow the plot organized in your mind to rule the world
To become something worth fighting for

We must never forget
That the sweetness is in creating ways
To sift through the minds relentless thrusting
And find solace in a corner of a soul
Contemplation lends comfort to a busy mindset
And in doing what is needed
Life can only become better

This is WE

The best of you synthesized with the best of me
Where faults are just excuses
To make us better
It is here in this admission
Of our unsuspecting souls
That we find completion
It is here aggression becomes subservient to reception
And analytical emotions

Give way to the calm surrender
Of a nurturing heart
As it beats no longer for one
But for two energies
seeking to be mixed to form perfection..


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